S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom’s (Jan) 2015′ Mommy & ME Time-Out at: “The Mellow Mushroom Memorable Moments!”

 “The Mellow Mushroom Memorable  Moments!” 
What a Wonderful Time Today at my January 2015′ Mommy & ME Time-Out!
 I counted 13 of us Total who attended  (“FIVE ” of them had Autism)
“It was So Awesome not Feeling Alone”
Thank You Lindsay for once again tagging along with us 🙂 We just adore your company Sweetie! It was so nice to see my absolute wonderful friend Kandi, it’s been too long. What a great surprise to see you today Rosemarie! Such a pleasure 🙂 Michelle, hats off to you sweetie! You have your hands full; you call me anytime my friend. Thank You for staying as long as you did. I know it wasn’t easy 🙂Then of course Kristina, so glad I met you, I look forward to seeing you again hopefully real soon. I know some of you traveled a distance to join me and I just want to say I sooooo Appreciate it ! Thank YOU!! I really love to talk to other moms like me who are walking in my shoes of autism 🙂 It is extremely therapeutic for me personally. Here’s a Great Big Fuzzy Hug to Everyone of YOU!!!
Oh and FYI: The Pizza at The Mellow Mushroom was delicious! As well as the waitresses who were very hospitable and catered to us as if we were someone special 🙂 OH Yeah! That’s because WE All Are Special ! (LOL) BIG HUGS S.M.A.A.R.T.Moms! See you next month!!

(Click-On The Mellow Mushroom)



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