S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom’s (April) 2015′ Autism Welcomed Invited To “Autism Family Fun Day!


(Strong Mothers Altering Autism’s Reality Together)

What a pleasant surprise for Autism Welcomed! An invite to participate in its “1st” actual autism event! How exciting! So of course you know I had to create a video (LOL) I hope everyone enjoys it…..I do put my heart in to each video.

Thanks for coming back to watch my “90th Video!”

I  want to send a HUGE HUG & Sincerest Thanks to “The Central Florida Dreamplex”  and Kandi Alexander , my dearest friend/fellow sister of       “We Speak for Them Autism Support Group” who are both in Lake County Florida. It’s so nice to finally have some wonderful autism support in our area. In the video you’ll get to see all of the logos of places that were in attendance, there were so many to recognize by name and I really wanted to show all of you each  place that was involved. I hope I honored them well by showing the banner a couple of times in the video, so watch for it:)

In Closing, it was so AMAZING to share this with all of the people that came out. Whether it was to participate or to just have an                             Autism Family Fun Day! We Can’t wait for next year! Until Then!

BIG BIG HUGS!   S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom & Dustin 🙂

                   (Click On the Picture to Watch the Video)

K2 after autism day and rebounderz 047


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