S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom Shares her Wonderful Opportunity to “MEET” Temple Grandin!

November 05, 2015.

What a wonderful,wonderful time I had tonight listening to and even better getting to talk and meet Temple Grandin !!! Can’t wait to read her book, “Animals In Translation”  and I so loved that she autographed 🙂 it FYI: Before I left her, I gave her my DVD of “Walk In My Shoes” Video. I wrote on the cover as well as told her while I handed it to her that …” She has given so much to moms like me, that I wanted to Give Her something in return. In addition, I Thanked her for inspiring me especially , so that I could be the Strong and unconditionally Loving Mom my son, Dustin so deserves 🙂  I hope Temple watches the video and Smiles, but even if she doesn’t….. It made it an early birthday present for me just giving it to her, and her accepting the DVD. So anyway… Here are those pics I’m sure all of you will love to see. I’m even posting the book she signed to me  🙂    P.S. They said sit anywhere and I was WOW…lol, one hour early. So I sat front row right in front of where she was speaking ….. So Awesome !!!! 
I sure wish I were able to give Temple a Big Hug 😦  You all know I’m Big on BIG HUGS (LOL)

 Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone…..I know I will 🙂
 Big Hugs! S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom Angela

Here is where I sat. (X) lol Front Row..Best seat EVER!

12188911_1084005431618335_1614035078387953155_n 12195794_1084006818284863_5627340942586980389_n

Can’t Wait to Read her book!


Something I’ll Always Treasure. Loved that she signed my book !!


The DVD I gave her 🙂

Snapshot 1 (5-9-2015 6-03 PM)

This is the video on the DVD I gave Temple if you’d like to watch it yourself 🙂 Just Click-On the Picture “Walk in a Mother’s Shoes.”


Wonderful & Insightful Movie!

images (2)

Absolutely Amazing Book!

images (1)

Thank You for all you have done already and what you continually do presently 🙂 BIG HUGS Temple!!


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